Eviana Belle

8/24/16 Happy Birthday # 23

from Eviana's Last Dance Concert before moving to Oregon


19 yr old dancer singer musician artist photographer culinary daughter Eviana has a full schedule with related concerts, events & work to finance her desire to travel.

Tuesday November 6, 2012
Eviana's Pretty First ( Miracle ) Guitar Gift From my brother from another mother John the day after I prayed for her to receive "some kind" of special reward for all of her help after my July 4 injury and resulting surgery and resulting financial challenges resulting in household sacrifices that she has tolerated with an inspirational attitude
"Oh it's so pretty !!!"... My first guitar !!!"
I couldn't catch when she first walked in her room because she saw it even before the light was on...
She walked in the door right as I was getting up to hide it in my room til the morning so I would have light to film without her seeing me lol But in the dark it looked really cool because you could only see the neck and  the mother of pearl looked like it was lit up. So here is when she turned on the light ...and I shut it off (almost) before she started to cry lol

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