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August 11, 2013

Continued from last week...So this one other day, I was again literally running late to the bus stop, 
and wouldn't you know I got a red light
right as I saw my bus across the street passing by me 

However, the considerate bus driver saw me and stopped across a second street
to wait for what seemed like forever for my red light to change...

at which time I ran across the wide empty street as fast as I could 
then had to wait for the second red light
feeling anxious for the passengers who were waiting 
and probably annoyed at me ( and the bus driver) for the hold up

what I didn't realize was that in my rush, I forgot to zip my "traveling office" 
so all of the contents were spread about throughout both of the crosswalks between
the 2 wide empty streets I had just crossed...while running as fast as I could

The reason I repeat 2 WIDE EMPTY streets is for you to envision the complete visibility of the entire block

aka if anyone were anywhere around in between that distance 
it would be impossible not to notice
yes, even for me..lol

However from nowhere, appeared a kind looking little old lady 
who was holding my stuff that she had picked up for me

Considering I was running fast...
and she was old and already at the bus entrance 
on the opposite side of both of those streets...
how could she possibly gather it all up from behind me that fast ? !!!

Before I had a chance to get too freaked out...yet...lol

as she was handing me the items, she paused 
and stared at me with piercing eyes full of love that I will never forget.. 

and said...

" Honey, you don't have to be in such a rush"

I felt as tho I had just encountered an angel giving me a Divine message

not only to impact the rest of that day...but the rest of my life

I didn't even panic when during the bus ride, I discovered my wallet was missing 

I just had an inner peace telling me it would eventually show up

and it did arrive in the mail within a couple of days
with no return address

and ever since then, when I find myself even with legitimate excuses to hurry

reflecting on those insightful words of wisdom 
provides the much needed reminder to remain in peaceful trust that 
God's Will for my day will get done without me becoming overly anxious 

and that He can protect and restore what we need

(Whatever year this happened) I even made it that new year's resolution to eliminate " hurry up" from my vocabulary

The next year eliminated the B word "Busy" ..
Even tho  obviously still am, I have noticed a difference since at least not letting  myself or others continue to hear me constantly say that 4 letter word..lol 

I was eventually rescued from those daily 5 hour bus "adventures" when I received the next one of many MIRACLE mobiles since then...which is another looong miracle story that I will share next

PS I had already decided to attached this Calling all ANGELS song by TRAIN last week before I realized it would be the next post after my #3 ANGEL daughter's TRAIN adventure ...aka another episode of  www.WhenGodWinks.Com &;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♪♫

 "Extend hospitality to strangers for through it some have entertained ANGELS without knowing it" Hebrews 13:2

August 4, 2013

♫ >j< ♫  Sonday Love & MIRACLE BlesSINGs !!!  >j< ♫  Since last Sonday's inspiration to create a group to share personally experienced Miracles and Angelic Encounters I have remembered two more incidents both related to "My Journal of Bus Stories".. NEXT WEEK I will share the story of  "My Blue Eyed Bus Angel" encounter but TODAY ..."My Supernatural Umbrella Miracle" (You can also view at www.Tina4Music.blogspot.com/p/miracles-angelic-encounters.html )  >j<  Approximately 2002 After miracle mobile # 3 was stolen, I experienced a L O N G season of 5 hr per day bus and street travels to my assignment at ºoº Disney's Hyperion Theatre ºoº in Anaheim from Newport Beach many times leaving home before sunrise and arriving back home after midnight As you can imagine, this single mom lifestyle of overwhelming circumstances had resulted in a constant state of literally always running...including to those bus stops on the way there, with my 2 ton rolling "traveling office" suitcase full of work and on the way back with additional bags full of heavy groceries. I remember sometimes being so completely exhausted by the time the last bus dropped me off a block away from home, that a few times I SERIOUSLY considered hiding the groceries behind bushes to hopefully still be there for me to retrieve the next day when after a rest, I could regain strength in my arms and fingers to carry... but what's funny is that on those occasions I specifically remember not remembering how ? it seemed like all of a sudden I would just be home. One of those times -on top of everything else- just as I stepped off the bus with all of my paraphernalia including several bags of heavy groceries that took effort and skills to creatively balance on the "traveling office" and to place between every finger... it began to rain really hard and of course my hands and arms were too full to hold or to even find an umbrella so I just started to cry..thinking that THIS would certainly finally be the "last straw" incident to push me completely over the edge...but once again, what seemed like all of a sudden somehow I just ended up home and nothing (besides my face full of tears) was wet...not even my shoes...not even my BIG hair !!! lol...at that moment I just collapsed on my bed and was too exhausted to fully appreciate as a supernatural umbrella miracle but after a few minutes of listening to the non stop downpour outside that began as I stepped off the bus yet what felt like just a few seconds later I am home still in the same clothes...STILL dry as in ...NOT MY IMAGINATION !!! ... But just to be sure lol...I had to get up again to also feel my boots and jacket and "traveling office" and grocery bags ...ALSO DRY !!!!  You can imagine how excited I was years later to hear a pastor of www.ROCKharbor.Org www.MarinersChurch.Org Mike Erre share a similar story of an entire ball field remaining dry during a sports ministry event in the middle of a  downpour everywhere else surrounding and beyond >j< 

"He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall not be afraid. Like a bird protecting its young, God will cover you with His feathers, will protect you under His great wings; His faithfulness will form a shield around you, a rock-solid wall to protect you. He will give >j< HIS ANGELS >j< charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways"  

Psalm 91 "As for God, His way is perfect! The word of the Lord is tested and tried; He is a shield to all those who take refuge and put their *!*TRUST IN HIM*!* Psalm 18:29-31 PS Psalm=SONG 
&;-) ♪♫>♥<♪♫

TRUST IN ME NOW-Anthony "The Voice" Evans
"Even tho it's hard to TRUST in a LORD that would let the RAIN FALL DOWN I will hold you close to me through THE STORM til you see the light" 

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July 28, 2013

♫ >j< ♫ Sonday Love and Supernatural MIRACLE BlesSINGs ♫ >j< ♫ Three days ago I created my usual time saving week's supply of the Menagerie Cafe' breakfast smoothie SURPRISE culinary art experiment lol usually resulting in an awesome tasteexperience that I look forward to every morning with coffee as one of very few pleasures I have the luxury of time to enJOY blended from whatever vegetables and fruit I happen to have at the moment in addition to flax seed oil and plain yogurt. This week's concoction included carrots zucchini pineapple & strawberries so I expected the same delightful taste as previously experienced with similar combinations BUT instead discovered the entire blender full had been ruined by the disgusting taste of the yogurt going bad before the expected expiration date &;-Q Since grocery shopping isn't included in my FULL schedule until a few more days and yogurt is just sour milk anyway lol I decided to just go ahead and "tolerate" the taste just for the nutritional value at least partially compensated by following each swallow of "gross tasting nutrition" with fabulous home ground French press organic KEAN coffee (thanks to #3 angel daughter &;-) THEN after day 3 of what is suppose to last a few more until grocery shopping day ...while considering the increasingly disgusting taste but still with no time to get to the store yet... I experienced another one of the many multifaceted God Wink reminders I receive when it's time for me to radically adjust a specific life path aka for the past 20 years I have justified the EXTREME transition from completely unbalanced image focused perfectionism to complete opposite spectrum mentality of struggling artist single mom of six "tolerating" so much far below Godly standards that I would never think of as acceptable if He were to be literally present. With THAT new convicting revelation in mind as I was about to dump the inferior smoothie (suddenly symbolizing so much more) down the sink and just do without vs tolerate day 4 of something I would definitely never serve to anyone else... then for some reason envisioned the thought that since I pray for God's 24/7 presence constantly inviting Him to live in and through me then whatever I serve myself to drink I am serving to Him also....then an inspirational message just happened to air at the exact same time on www.TBN.Orgwith reminders of the fact that God IS in our presence living IN any of us who have invited Him into our heart and thereafter considers all of us His temple His body His hands His feet and His mouth. So where we go He goes. How we look is how HE looks. What we eat and drink He eats and drinks...So the healthy energy enhancing smoothie I decide to enJOY each day contributing to longevity for Him to use... I am serving to HIM also. In THAT case I decided not to just automatically "tolerate" another instance of good intentions interrupted by circumstances producing lack this time but instead in combination with last night's dream to create a new Facebook Group for documenting multiple supernatural and >j< angelic >j< miracles experienced by myself and friends... I decided then why not pray for a supernatural miracle right now to transform this smoothie gone bad taste to as tho it was for Jesus to drink this morning vs just for me to "tolerate". Since His first miracle was transforming water into wine for the pleasure of his friends...why not NOW as a little God Wink favor for me lol www.WhenGodWinks.Com After my Laughing Sarah*j* moment I forgot about it until an hour later during morning online communication routine without any thought reached for the glass of "it" near my coffee and discovered without realizing I had already finished more than half which tasted great as usual so of course I had to confirm I wasn't dreaming by slowly tasting and savoring each drink left after that ...since EVEN I could almost not believe THIS really just happened !!! Right now I just had to taste more of "it" just to confirm still SURPRISINGLY delicious !!! ♫ >j< ♫ "I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT" and hope I never forget this God Wink reminder that regardless of circumstances... with the help of SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES... we should uncompromisingly Love and care for OURSELVES as we would God if He were in our presence, since He IS living in us as a creation in His image to Love Him and our neighbors as OURSELVES ♫ >j< ♫ (*j* Laughing Sarah Genesis 18:10-12) (God lives in us Galations 2:19-21) (We are God's Temple 2Corinthians 6:16) (We are the body hands feet and mouth of Christ 1Corinthians 12) (God created us in His image Genesis 1:26 ) (The summation of all other laws is to LOVE God, our neighbors & OURSELVES Mark 12:28-31) VIEW verses with FREE Bible APP www.DailyBible.me ♫ >j< ♫ If YOU have ever experience a MIRACLE or personal encounter with ANGELS please share your stories at www.Facebook.com/groups/MenagerieOfMiracleAngels ♫ >j< ♫ PS While searching for The Newsboys MIRACLES song video this compilation below also with SHINE and BREAKFAST HELL "just happened" to pop up including the "ironically" related lyrics" When the MILK HAS TURNED" ...aka YOGURT ? LOL !!! &;-) ♪♫ >♥< ♪♫

Newsboys ♫ I Believe in MIRACLES ♫ Shine ♫ Breakfast in Hell ♫
"When the MILK HAS TURNED" ♫ Breakfast Lyrics ♫

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